Bio-Lenka Šulová

Prof. PhDr. Lenka Šulová, CSc.  works at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. In her work, she focuses on an individual’s psychological development in society and especially on partner and family relationships.  She was a principal researcher of an international study project focused on early child development, the specifics of the maternal […]

Bio-Kimmo Jokinen

Kimmo Jokinen is a Professor of Family Studies in the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His areas of expertise are changing family forms, family transitions, families and well-being, and sociological family theories.

Bio- Olga Weglerska

Olga Węglerska is psychologist and a PhD student at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), with an interests in the sexual health of young adults and etiology of sexual crime, especially pedophlia. She is in the process of becoming a certified Systemic Family Therapist and clinical sexologist

Bio- Angela Palmer

Dr. Angela Palmer is a research consultant in the area of child welfare and protection in Ireland and an adjunct research fellow at the Geary Institute for Public  Policy, University College Dublin.

Bio-Tina Miller

Tina Miller is a Professor of Sociology at Oxford Brookes University who specialises in policy relevant research, impact and teaching with an expertise in family lives and theorizations/practises of gender. She specialises in micro- focused, longitudinal research on transitional periods in individual and family contexts. This includes in relation to motherhood and fatherhood transitions, parenthood, paid work and […]

Bio-Uwe Uhlendorff

Uwe Uhlendorff is professor for social pedagogy and social work at the Faculty of Education and Psychology/Dortmund University. His research is focused on families in need and social services based on qualitative and quantitative methods.

Bio- Isabelle Albert

Isabelle Albert (psychologist) is a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg in the Institute for Lifespan Development, Family and Culture, Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences. Her main research interests are in the field of (cross-)cultural, life-span developmental and family psychology. She has made major contributions to the areas of transgenerational family relations and transmission […]

Bio-Allan Westerling

Allan Westerling is an associate professor in Social Psychology at Roskilde University, Denmark. His area of research includes fatherhood and parenthood and generally the issues and troubles of everyday family life. He works with mixed methods and takes a problem oriented, interdisciplinary approach