Bio-Lenka Šulová

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Prof. PhDr. Lenka Šulová, CSc.  works at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. In her work, she focuses on an individual’s psychological development in society and especially on partner and family relationships.  She was a principal researcher of an international study project focused on early child development, the specifics of the maternal and paternal role, and the importance of the family environment concerning the institution’s impact on the child. She is interested in the child’s speech development, the paternal and maternal speech specifics, and the child’s speech development in a bilingual environment.

She has worked for many years as a psychologist focusing on the issues of children in foster care. She has developed a methodology for teachers on how to strengthen the legal consciousness of the child. She has her own counseling practice.

She has authored and co-authored a number of psychological publications. She is a member of many professional psychological societies in the Czech Republic and abroad, regularly participates in international professional meetings and research activities


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