Types of Membership and Fees

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There are two types of members: Individual and Institutional Members.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open for individuals who are engaged in scientific family research.

Individual membership includes:

Full Individual Members: individual researchers who conduct research at universities or other research institutes in Europe. The biennial membership fee is 100 €.

Student Members, including PhD students, who study at universities or other research institutes which conduct independent research. The biennial membership fee is 50 €.

Affiliate Individual Members: individual researchers similar to full individual members, but who live outside Europe. The biennial membership fee is 100 €.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is open to academic institutions that conduct scientific research on family phenomena and for institutions which are linked to universities.

There are four levels of Institutional membership:

Full Institutional Members: family research institutes, chairs and university departments engaged in family research, which conduct independent research that is not linked to corporate institutions or conducted for marketing goals. It is possible for more research groups or departments from one university to cluster together as one institutional member. The membership fee for Full Institutional Members is 600 €.

Affiliate Institutional Members: family research institutes similar to full institutional members, but which are outside Europe. The membership fee is 500 € for the first year and 400 € for consecutive years.

Associate Institutional Members: research institutes focussing on marketing and contract research. The membership fee is 900 € for the fist year and 600 € for consecutive years.

Sponsoring Institutional Members: firms, companies, or governmental institutes that do not conduct scientific research and that are willing to comply with the aims of the Society and to provide support in any form. The membership fee is 5000 € (minimally) per year.


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